Here is anonymous student feedback that I have accumulated during my time at U of T. Keep in mind, they didn’t have to provide any feedback at all, but they did!

Raj was easy to understand, approachable (even outside of lab), reasonable, and relaxed. He often gave helpful advice but did not directly lead us through the labs, which provided a good learning experience. Very good TA overall.

Raj has been a wonderful TA. He is very approachable and knowledgeable.

Raj was very helpful and took the time to explain things to make them clear.

Very good and never gives you the answer directly, which is extremely beneficial.

Raj was an excellent TA, guiding students through laboratories. He was really helpful with explanations of concepts and was always available for consultation about the laboratory reports.

Raj was a great TA. He was very approachable and friendly. When I would ask him a question, he would guide my thinking, rather than just giving me an answer. Discussions with Raj really helped my understanding of the specific material, as well as more general aspects of chemistry. More TAs need to be like Raj.

Raj was a fantastic laboratory demonstrator. He was always helpful and pushed students to excel.

Raj is always cheerful and fun, even at 8:30 in the morning. Frankly, it’s good to know that graduate school doesn’t pound you as flat as I fear, and that you can still have fun and enjoy what you do. Of course, when there’s a question or a concern he always gives good, solid advice without giving away the whole answer. If the world is kind, I’ll be looking forward to seeing him next semester in CHM343!

Excellent, excellent, excellent TA. Very pleased! give this guy a raise.

Raj was a very friendly and helpful TA. During experiment 4, he helped lead me to answers through questioning and small hints, which helped me to apply what I learned during the lectures to the experiment at hand.

Raj is a very good TA. He has the qualities to be a good teacher-both authoritative and knowledgeable.

Raj is an amazing TA, hands down.

Raj, is the greatest TA of all time!

He is a cool, awesome and helpful TA. One of the best TAs.

I found Raj very enthusiastic and helpful, one of the best lab demos I’ve had in university.

Awesome TA. He actually made the material understandable and the labs interesting/fun. Despite being at 8:30 am, an ungodly hour by the way, I always looked forward to labs.

Additional testimonials from students and research assistants:

“Raj has been an amazing mentor to me. He is very knowledgeable and natural in teaching. My scientific research skills and presentation skills have improved substantially with his patient guidance. Thanks to him, I feel confident in carrying out independent research project now.” – Aizhou W.

 “…He was a mentor to me and other students. He offered interactive discussions in place of answers to our questions and often expanded our way of thinking about Chemistry. It was very important to him that we made connections between our studies and basic chemical concepts. Raj always wanted us to do better and has high expectations for himself and his students.” – Ashley T. Via LinkedIn

 “Raj explains concepts clearly and patiently. He encouraged me to think independently and learn from my own mistakes. He is also friendly and extremely approachable for questions.” – Appana L. 

“…His enthusiasm for science and in particular for chemistry is apparent and contagious.  Raj is a patient and wise pedagogue always looking to better himself as a teacher and scientist.  I would strongly recommend him as a teacher to anyone!” – Liliana O.

“…I have yet to know any other TA aside from you who will encourage his students personally to try hard and not let their past failures bother them. (Most TAs will just mark and mouth to students, you don’t get it!!!) I wonder where I will be right now if it wasn’t for you telling me to believe that I can make it into grad school. I highly recommend you as a tutor to any potential students you come to teach.” – Edmund C.

“It’s one thing to tutor a student, but it is another to train. I went from having test anxiety and no belief in myself, to walking into my midterms and exams knowing vici, vidi, vici! Raj is able to convey his ample amount of knowledge of chemistry both effectively and efficiently, whilst instilling confidence and simplicity in everything. He is very approachable, pragmatic, and innovative. If it were not for Raj, I would have given up on my dream to become a doctor. But now, it is more than attainable. You will not find a better chemistry tutor than Raj. I guess you could call him, legendary.” – Thilini G.

The list above is constantly growing; contact Raj today to see if working together would make sense for you too.