Raj Dhiman – Bio

Raj is Not Your Average Tutor. He completed his Ph.D. in Bio-Organic Chemistry in 2012 and then completed an additional year of postdoctoral research both at the University of Toronto. During that time, Raj was a TA for 2nd year Organic Chemistry and 3rd year Physical Organic + Organic Laboratory courses as well as a mentor for undergraduate laboratory assistants. He was consistently recognized for the high standards he set for his students and his strengths as a teacher. In his postdoctoral year, he was awarded a fellowship to design a new undergraduate, green chemistry experiment.

After leaving U of T, Raj began a private tutoring service and helped students nail their organic chemistry courses; whether they just needed to pass to get the credit, improve their grades for medical school or improve comprehension for the MCAT, Raj helped get it DONE.

Raj then took his coaching skills to the next level by joining an Inside Sales team at Rogers Communications. He eventually became the head of a “Sales University” where over 100 young sales professionals learned good sales fundamentals. He was recognized as THE sales expert to go to whenever anyone needed coaching, mentorship or a simple boost in motivation to reach their goals.

The list of people who have become more successful after working with Raj is constantly growing; contact him today to see if working together would make sense for you too. For more information about Raj, check out the Testimonials page or take a peek at his LinkedIn profile.