Press and Articles

University Affairs | Beyond the Professoriate – January 2018

“…if you have the tenacity to see a PhD through to completion, you’ve got the mettle to potentially take on a sales job and do it well.”

University Affairs Transition Q & A – April 2015

“….What did you hope for in terms of employment while completing your PhD?

Truth is, I really didn’t have a clear career goal or plan for myself. I dabbled in the idea of a “traditional” career and considered a postdoc in a different field of chemistry. I thought about research positions within industry and possibly staying in school to get my MBA. Other than that, my perspectives on possible careers were narrow……”

HEATER Program for Training and Research in Thermoelectrics – Spring 2014 Newsletter

“In collaboration with the University of Toronto Career Centre, and Dr. Raj Dhiman, a specialist in communications training for scientists, we held our first Professional Development workshop on March 24, 2014.

This initial workshop focused on the essential skill of Knowledge Translation, the process of converting knowledge into action. Through case studies and active learning opportunities, Dr. Dhiman outlined the process researchers should take to engage groups outside of academia. CREATE Fellows took up cases related to their research areas, which encouraged them to view their research through the lens of outside audiences and underlined the importance of communicating findings in a clear and compelling way.”

University of Toronto Public Speaking Club – Vocal Workshop

“Raj worked with members on how to unlock the power of their voice through various techniques. In particular, Raj demonstrated the effectiveness of the tone, pacing, and vocal projection for communication. The workshop was insightful, and provided members with techniques on becoming better public speakers.”