How much do you charge?

Great question. I am like to be selective of who I would like to work with. I would like to briefly get to know you first and what your specific academic goals are. Plus, I may not be the best tutor for you and we need to see if there is a fit before we start talking about price + working together.

Can you tutor online if I’m far away from you or unable to commute?

Absolutely, I have tutored students online in the past. We make use of Skype and exchange relevant notes/materials via e-mail in advance of the one on one session.

I have friends and classmates that want to join, can you do group sessions?

That can be arranged. Pricing will be adjusted accordingly depending on how many students will become a part of the group session.

I need help with General Chemistry, can you tutor me for that subject?

Absolutely. Contact me and we can review what you need help with.

What are some tips you can give me right away to be successful at Organic Chemistry?

Download my e-book. It’s very short read and will give you insight, based on my experience, on the one key concept that students that students lack confidence in.